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Academy Classes and Tests

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Academy Classes and Tests

Post by Atarashi on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:22 pm

Here at NBG you must start at the academy and become a genin by succeeding through a number of tests. You must complete at least 3 ninja classes and 2 general classes to become a genin. Below are all the classes you may take.

Ninja Classes
Hand to Hand Basics
Ninjutsu Basics
Genjutsu Basics
Intelligence Test
Memorize All the Kage of your Village
Assasination Test
Shuriken Test
Kunai and Swords Basics and Handling
Situantional Test

General Classes
Law Basics Test
Chakra Control
Survival Basics
Cuisine and Cookery

Once you pass 5 of these classes, you will be placed in a 4-man squad (this is mandatory) with 2 other genin and a jonin.

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