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[PLOT] 70 Years later

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[PLOT] 70 Years later

Post by Ryuuka on Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:34 pm

Clears Throat Now allow me to tell you a story.....a story about a group of legendary shinobi that fought many battles that would change history. Well...that was over 70 years ago. The great Hokage, Naruto, and his generation have all come to pass and the "New Generation" has brought about ninja like Boruto and his friends, who live to tell the tale. We present to you a new breed of shinobi; stronger, faster and better than before. These ninjas will pave the path that history will take whether it be for better or worse. This new breed of heroes isn't alone, a new evil, greater than before is foreshadowing catastrophe and terror beyond comprehension.

Now Where do you fit in? Well that is another story. The whole world is your oyster, you just need to play your cards right. What are you waiting for? Become the legendary shinobi you strive to be!

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