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Behavior Rules

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Behavior Rules

Post by Atarashi on Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:54 pm

Here at NBG, we want an enjoyable and fun community. This is why we have rules. Please read these before setting your own ninja way!

1. When you roleplay, please post at least 100 words. We want you to be as descriptive as possible. Non-descriptive posts/posts under 100 words.

2. Please respect all of the staff and members alike.We are all one big family and we want to be nice to each other. Playful, teasing insults are allowed as long as they aren't offensive. Example: Test 1: Lol bro you suck Test 2: Lol

3. No offensive language. This DOES NOT include cursing. This means no racial slurs and things as the such.

4. When you roleplay, refrain from metagaming/godmodding/controlling other characters. This is unfair to the other roleplayers and we want everyone to play in a fun environment.

5. Images may not spread across the website's natural borderline.

6. We ask that you please use one character per account. Alt accounts are not limited to this rule. If you decide to make another character on one account, we will delete your new character.

7. This rule is a given, please do not post any sort of porn or child pornography.

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