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Mentor System

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Mentor System

Post by Ryuuka on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:09 am

On NBG we have a special system called the mentor system where you may have a shinobi from the boruto generation teach and train you, These Mentors will have certain requirements for you to be trained by them and you will be rewarded for such. The Mentor System will be unlocked and available for your use at Chuunin rank though only the lower level of mentors will be available, the higher level mentors will be unlocked and available at Jounin Level. Keep in mind you will only be able to have one mentor at a time but you may have as many mentors as you like as long as you meet the requirements. The Rewards you recieve from meeting the certain requirements and training with your mentor are signature moves/jutsu used by them, 1 minor and 1 major.


  • Inojin
    Minor Requirement: WIP
    Major Requirement: WIP
    Minor -
    Major -
  • Shikadai
    Minor Requirement: Nara clan, Shadow Possession
    Major Requirement: Shadow Strangle Jutsu
    Minor - Multi Shadow Possession Jutsu
    Major - Multi Shadow Strangle Jutsu
  • Mitsuki
    Minor Requirement: N/A
    Major Requirement: N/A
    Minor - N/A
    Major - Stretchy Style


  • Sarada
    Minor Requirement: Lightning Style
    Major Requirement: Chakra Enhanced Strength, Fire Style
    Minor - Lightning Double Fuma
    Major - Raging Combo of the Lion
  • Sakura
    Minor Requirement: N/A
    Major Requirement: N/A
    Minor - Chakra Enhanced Strength
    Major - Strength of a Hundred Seal
  • Boruto
    Minor Requirement: Rasengan
    Major Requirement: Massive Rasengan
    Minor - Bullet Rasengan
    Major - Planetary Massive Rasengan


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